Avalon slot

Do you know the legend of a sword that possessed special power? We’re talking about Excalibur. When the sword that King Arthur got from the stone broke, the great magician Marilyn led king to the lake and the Keeper Of The Lake gave to King Arthur the sword (which could not break). With one sole condition “that he return it back.” Dying, Arthur kept his word and returned the sword, and he was sent it to Avalon.

Avalon is a place for chosen one, in which it is not possible to get to everyone.

And in this honor the casino with slot free spin no deposit Avalon was named. Because everyone can not play in it, only the elite.

Symbols and slot lines

Among the fifteen icons there are special signs – a wild sign and a scatter. The logo of the game depicts a wild symbol that can complement any chain and turn a regular ruler into a paid one. It replaces any image, except for the scatter sign.

Lady of the lake plays an important role of the scatter sign. Legend has it that the legendary sword is her gift for King Arthur. In the video slot, Scatter also brings gifts, as it is always paid. The sequence in which the sign fell on the screen does not matter. Another interesting and enjoyable gift is the free rotation, which is also activated by the Scatter.

Each icon brings a different payout to the user, since all images have a different multiplier. The amount of payment is considered by multiplying the player’s bet and the multiplier of the paid combination.

Avalon game review

Bonus games: Every user can receive free prizes. For this you just need to collect several symbols. Of course in every casino games you have risks, But here it is not provided. In the Avalon free spins there is no progressive jackpot.

Play Avalon slot game for free here!

A slot machine on the Internet has some advantages. The 1st one is possibility to play for free. Users can get use the slot as well as symbols and special games. Sometimes it is better to make a training for the real money game but at the same time it is not always sense to risk if you are not ready for this and you can play without investing your own money. The difference is just that if you risk more you can get more but at the same time you also can lose more. Also you could receive play money for game. The good: You can easily refill again and again, because as soon as you reload the free game, you will be allocated new play money again.

The Microgaming Avalon 2 slots machine can be completely tested in the free play money mode – Avalon slots free spins is a typical 5-reel slot. Here, the reels are each provided with three symbols that can bring you rich profits. Of course, the number of paylines is crucial. You can choose up to 20 of these paylines here, increasing your chances of making a good profit. The number of paylines is changeable. If you want to take it easy, you can only play one payline. Of course, then you have only relatively small chances to make a profit. You can also select the number of coins and their value, and thus influence the amount of your potential profit. The more paylines, the bigger the chance. But of course, the use is then also higher. But not only the number of paylines, the amount of profit depends. The symbols you find on the reels also play a central role here. The crown and the arms of Avalon free make the biggest profits, if they are in a certain number on an active payline. Chalice and emerald brooch also give you cash. In addition, normal card symbols will appear on the reels. The number 10 is also part of these symbols, such as Jack, Queen, King, and the Ace. The Ace is traditionally the most lucrative. In addition, there is an Avalon slot free spin symbol, a single symbol and the golden treasure chest. These images can not only replace other symbols and provide cash, but also set free spins in motion.

  • Manufacturer: Microgaming
  • Rollers: 5
  • Rows: 3
  • Paylines: 20, changeable
  • Risk game: Card Color
  • Free Spins: 12 Free Spins with 2 Wilds
  • Jackpot: no
  • Payout Percentage: 96.01%

Apart from the normal reels, you can also win in other ways. First of all, there are the Free Spins. For this you need the individual symbols in a certain number. The free spins are of course free, but can provide considerable profits due to the attractive multiplier. The risk round you reach over the button “bets”. This flashes on every successful and profitable spin. You can double your win by choosing the correct card color from red and black.

A slot machine can bring a lot of fun. But nothing brings the thrill of a game for real money. Because you never know if you will not get a lot of free spins or full reel gains with the next spin. Get here to Jackpotcity, a very good Microgaming casino, to play Avalon for real money.

If you are a new customer then you can benefit from a special bonus. Deposit real money into your account and receive a bonus, which you can then use on any slot machine.

With a slot machine on the net, you can build on better odds. In a game library these are usually not that high. This is called a payout ratio, also abbreviated as RTP (Return to Player). This is here at 96.01 percent. Play avalon online!


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