When visiting an online casino with free spin no deposit, each person chooses a slot machine that suits them. It can be associated with a hobby, favorite movie or character. But almost every male representative turned his attention to the “Cleopatra online slots”.

This is not surprising, since everyone knows the most legendary woman in the world, Cleopatra. Cleopatra was an intelligent, passionate and educated wife.

She possessed the gift of fascination of people, so with men, she was all right. Unfortunately, it was not possible for the queen to become the second Semiramis, and she died as a usual courtesan. But she managed to conquer a lot of men’s hearts and if you choose a Cleopatra slots game -, then will conquer. She lived since childhood Cleopatra in Alexandria. She was engaged in poetry, art, philosophy, she knew many languages.

She was very fond of literature, and played many musical instruments. It was surrounded by many men who could well satisfy a woman. At that time, immorality was not considered.

Cleopatra Casino

The casino characteristically differs from others. We’ll go a little in detail about this. For example, pictures have their own sequence. 10, 200, 2000 and 10,000 bets per line correspond to 2, 3, 4 or 5 symbols of Cleopatra. In addition, many historical details are depicted in the casino. Pharaoh mask is scatter. The scatter activates a series of free spins.

Play Cleopatra slots Free Spins

Playing in a casino, you have additional opportunities about which many of users do not know. We will try to tell you about them in detail. For example, one of these features is free-backs. What does it mean? That means that you can rotate the drum without losing the next activation of changing the pattern.

During the main game 3, 4 or 5 masks of the pharaoh are activated. Regardless of the amount of uses, you are given 15 turns of free spins. Such rounds are conducted taking into account the rates and the number of lines assigned to the main game.

This is done in order to maximally correctly florify the prize combinations and calculate the correct and rational remuneration for winning.

Every person who does all the right things, will adhere to all the conditions of the site and collect the winning numbers can get a prize and additional rewards. Which is always very motivating to new victories.

Once you have experienced the feeling of victory, you will be able to more believe in yourself and then exactly luck will be on your side.

Cleopatra game

Cleopatra is not only as a historical figure, very popular, but also as gaming machines. Both girls and men play games with great pleasure and recommend them to a friend.

Cleopatra is one of the most popular figures that are currently being implemented in slot games. That’s why there is a huge selection of different slot games that can boast about this topic. For example, mention the Cleopatra’s Gold at Slotland Casino, Cleopatra’s Coins at Slotocash Casino, or Cleopatra’s Secret at EU Casino. You may also want to take a look at the free slots Cleopatra games page, as here, as the name is already rotten, all imaginable slot games with Cleopatra in the center tested on heart and kidney. This theme is so popular that even in casinos you will find Cleopatra slot games.

Cleopatra Free Spins: You can win 3, 5 or 9 free spins. Once this feature is activated, you can earn more spins within the game.

On the screen you will see a pyramid, which consists of 6 blocks inside. You can gradually choose one block and play games. Before you move from one level to another, all that you win will be saved. In addition, all loans you have taken will also be saved for you (loans are credited to the balance of your bonus account).

Be careful, as soon as you come out of the game before reaching the end, your bonus account will not be saved and the bonus game will end immediately.


The most surprising is that Cleopatra casino every year is becoming more popular among gamblers, despite the fact that there are a lot of other games on the Internet. There is a very positive trend of people who start to play and win different awards, prizes and money. In addition, for permanent gambling, the casino allocates a special bonus “regular customer”. It includes special bonuses for people who play the game for a long time.

In addition, the user can have the opportunity to try the “bonus game”. It opens when you see 4 or more eye symbols on the screen.

Play Cleopatra online and you can be a little bit closer to beautiful history and create your own new life history that everybody will tell to each other!


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