Every week, game developers release new slots on the market. Nowadays more and more complete with film fragments and spectacular graphics (Jurassic Park, Terminator 2). Or with complicated bonus games with free spin no deposit bonus codes and ditto features (The Wish Master, Aliens).

Starburst coin machines has no special graphics. Starburst slot free spins has no film fragments. And Starburst casino game has no extra complicated feature games. Nevertheless, this online slot of slot factory Netent has been a favorite of millions of players since its introduction in late 2011. And also from Mr. Casino itself.

Why is that simple Starburst casino so popular? Perhaps precisely because Starburst is so simple – everyone understands him immediately. The symbols consist of five colors of jewelry, a Seven and a BAR symbol. That’s it. No extensive animations or soundtrack, but a nice fast and exciting slot machine. At the same time, it give to users good opportunity like free spins no deposit starburst for play. It is can be one more reason why customers so like this casino games.

It’s not a coincidence that this article probably sounds like the start of Uncle Benny’s speech for a party in the family lap: What can you say about Starburst, what has not been said? There have been numerous reviews and articles about the popular casino game. However, it must be said in the name of justice that it is not without reason that Starburst Casino is often highlighted and discussed around the web’s big and small casino sites. After all, Starburst Slots has proved to be one of the most popular gaming machines in the Danish market over the years. A market that already features fun and entertaining slot machines from many different software vendors, specializing in imaginative game themes.

Why, in other words, do you choose to play Starburst slot rather than one of the many other amazing slots? In this post we give you the opportunity to become wiser about the game and to play 50 free spins starburst no deposit.

Here you can both find out how the game is built, how the rules are and what options you have to end up with the big win. Even if you’re already a tanned Starburst player, you might want to learn something new about the everlasting young and popular casino games that you did not already know. And after this knowledge will give you possibility play better a every casino online.

At this casino you will have your benefits like starburst slots free spins no deposit that help to users feel themself more free and practice more.

Free spins no deposit starburst

At Starburst you can play free spins starburst no deposit and at the same time if you deposit yourself. Usually you will have more opportunities when you deposit by yourself but from other hand without deposit you can practice without big a miss. There are a lot of casinos provide Free Spins, and you know this already and Starburst is the most common slot machine to hand out Free Spins. Here for the first time you pay $ 150 or more, and get 300 free spins. Then you can get another 50 Free Spins to Starburst a day, as long as you have real money in your account. To get them, you must play 100 spins at the “Slot of the Week”, which changes from week to week. In a month, 600 free Starburst spins can be added, as well as additional offers that dump into your email inbox.

The basics about Starburst

Starburst is one of the most popular slot machines from software provider NetEnt, which is also behind popular and catchy slots such as Gonzo’s Quest and Jack Hammer. Starburst is not a further advanced slot machine. It does not offer a graphically nice intro, and it does not blow with big and visually stunning bonus rounds, as so many other slots NetEnt have in their portfolio. On the other hand, the classic and timeless Starburst something like other vending machines might not pay much attention to. Starburst is a fast and energetic game, and beginners in the casino world will appreciate how easy it is to get to know the game. At the same time, both players and the more experienced players who like to play high games will appreciate the fast and clean game that does not have too many frills.

Design that holds

Games of casino gives a retro feeling with memories of the 80’s with its simple design and the classic 7s and bar symbols that give the highest payouts. In addition, there are five glittering diamond symbols in different colors, each giving different payouts in the right combinations. The colors are again a tribute to the 80’s with the beautiful and catchy neon graphics. The atmospheric music and space-inspired background make you feel like you float through the great cosmos. Each spin gives a little ping-sound – almost like a satellite that lonely floats through the solar system, as you cross your fingers to win an astronomical gain. The game lives up to the name of Starburst, which translated into Danish means star explosion.

The simple rules

Starburst is not a jackpot game; It is, however, a classic slot machine with the possibility of higher winnings using the Starburst wild symbol. The game does not have advanced bonus rounds, but offers re-spins when you get the wild symbol. Despite the fact that the game offers high winnings, you may not be able to fund your own space trip between the stars. However, it does not have to stop the dream of winning up to 50,000 coins in one round, which will definitely make you feel a bit of stardust!

The game has 5 drums in 3 rows and 10 different paylines. There are seven different symbols and a Starburst wild symbol in the form of a colorful star. The wild symbol may occur on drums 2, 3 and 4. If you’re lucky to get this symbol then the whole drum will become wild symbols and the machine will spin again with the locked wild symbols. That way you get a higher chance of winning on each payline. A new wild symbol appear on another drum, this whole drum will also be locked like wilds and the machine will spin again. You can be lucky to have up to 3 drums locked with wilds at once, and when this happens, you can count on a good win in the round!

You can play with different levels of effort from 1-10. The higher your level of action, the higher the payout of coins you get. For example, if you play with the maximum bet on level 10, you will, with five even bar symbols, score 2.500 coins. And you should be lucky to get this combination using the Starburst wild symbols, then your happiness is done!

Winning Chances

Starburst has a relatively high repayment rate of 96.1%, which is also a part of the game’s steady popularity. On the net, you can get a wealth of good advice from other players on how to improve your game with better chance of winning. But as with all other slots, it must be pointed out that the outcome will always be random and the game can not be played in any way, so there is a higher chance of a particular outcome. Therefore, it is always important to remember to play responsibly.

Future Starburst

Since the beginning, Starburst has been a simple game, and NetEnt has no big plans to change. It’s a timeless concept that holds! The machine can also be played on the mobile now, and here the game has found renewed strength and popularity – perhaps especially because of the simple playing surface that fits really well with mobile games. Now that NetEnt has announced that they are also looking at Virtual Reality technology for their games, it may not be long before we can really notice their star universe!

Starburst Free Spins and Bonus Offers

Starburst is a popular slot machine, often used in bonuses and free spins campaigns, as the game machine is easy to understand for all players. At the same time there is also the opportunity to make the very low bets. Free spins Starburst is something that appeals to most and since the game is among the most popular, you can, regardless of which online casino you visit, get the opportunity to play it.

At the moment you can enjoy free spins at Starburst without any deposit on both BingoSjov, Karamba, Dansk777 and CasinoSjov. Good luck!


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